# Samples

# Alibaba Cloud

Video on demand (VoD) solution for E-Learning (see it live) Video on demand (vod) solution for e-learning


Smart products platform (see it live) aws smart products platform

Real-time analytics pipeline (see it live) aws serverless realtime analytics pipeline

IOT time series data processing (see it live) iot time series data processing

# Azure

CloudSkew architecture (see it live) cloudskew architecture

Microservices on Azure Kubernetes Service (see it live) microservices on aks

PetShop on Azure Kubernetes Service using Azure Functions & KEDA (see it live) petshop on aks using azure functions and keda


Real-time retail inventory (see it live) gcp realtime retail inventory

# Kubernetes / CNCF

Kubernetes resource map (see it live) kubernetes resource map

# Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Migration of On-Prem Oracle DB to OCI (see it live) migration of on-prem oracle db to oci