# Frequently asked questions

Why can't the diagram canvas be resized?

Currently CloudSkew supports multi-page diagrams on an infinitely large canvas. However each page is of A4 size (210 x 297 millimeters or 8.27 x 11.69 inches) and in landscape mode.

Custom diagram sizes and orientations will be enabled in a future release.

Any plans to auto-generate diagrams from existing infrastructure?

Not in the near-term future.

Any plans to improve the experience on mobile devices?

No plans. The web app is best used on laptops and desktops (screen resolutions higher than 960 x 540, landscape mode).

Why doesn't the app work correctly in Internet Explorer (IE)?

To be honest, I haven't tested it in IE. No plans to add support for IE since it is now deprecated.

Where do I report a bug?

Please report it here.

Is this an open source project?

No. However, would love to open source parts of it in the future to invite community contributions around:

  • icons from different cloud providers.
  • templates for some frequently created diagrams.

However not there yet, lot of features have to be added before all this can be enabled.

Why are users required to login?

The diagrams are auto-saved, which requires users to be logged in. Auto-save was a convenience feature requested by many of the initial test users.

Also some upcoming features (checkpoints, restoring from checkpoints etc) will require users to be authenticated.

Any tips/tricks to make my diagram "pop"?

Do the following:

  • Change color of the rectangle shapes to something that contrasts the icons inside it.
  • Reduce the opacity of the rectangle shapes to (say) 40% or 50%.

What does the CloudSkew architecture look like?

Take a look.